Ph.D. (Economics)
Professor, Département of Economics
Ph.D. (Economics)
Professor, Department of Applied Economics
Research Team

Ph.D. (Economics)
Director of Modelling
Ph.D. (Economics)
Post-doctoral Researcher
M.Sc. (Economics)
M.Sc. (Economics)
Ph.D. (Economics)
Researcher and Activities Coordinator
Administrative Support

Executive Administrative Assistant
Students – Researchers

  • Aya Artay (master’s, HEC)
  • Issaga Balde (master’s, UQAM)
  • Loïc Courtemanche (master’s, UQAM)
  • Akoua Ella Félicie Djo (master’s, UQAM)
  • Xavier Dufour-Simard (master’s, HEC)
  • Antony Duplan (master’s, UQAM)
  • Rocky Mulenda (master’s, UQAM)
  • Paul Ouimet (master’s, HEC)
  • Néfély Ravaud (master’s, HEC)
  • Alexa Samuel (master’s, HEC)
  • Jennifer Salloum (master’s, HEC)