The chair has programming on health issues, essential to analyze and document in the context of an aging population.
The team will look for example at:

  • The improvement of the COMPAS model using recent RAMQ data. The consumption of drugs as well as the services obtained outside hospitals will be research priorities;
  • The determinants of rising costs in the health system. Since the RAMQ data cover a fairly long period (1994-2016), it will make it possible to analyze the effects of volume, prices and composition (aging);
  • Evaluating using COMPAS, but also using administrative data, the impacts of various formulas of an autonomy insurance plan in Quebec;
  • The study of the determinants of health, notably education, using census data linked to the tax and mortality files. This data can be used for a variety of purposes, including projecting changes in mortality, but also to integrate these effects on mortality into the study of public policy.