SimFin, our microsimulation model that generates projections of Quebec public finances, is now available in open access. The tool’s presentation page can be accessed by clicking here, while those who want to access technical documentation as well as the installation procedure can do so by visiting the SimFin page (in French) on GitHub.

This model bases its calculations on data from several sources. First of all, demographic projections come from the SimGen demographic simulator developed by CREEi. SimFin also uses data from Statistics Canada’s SPSD, the Canadian Institute for Health Information and public accounts and budgets produced by the Quebec government.

The target users of the simulator are researchers, professors, government professionals and students. SimFin has already been used to prepare three research documents: a CIRANO report on the pandemic and its effects on the public finances of the government of Quebec; a CIRANO Perspectives note on the Canada Health Transfer; and a CREEi working paper on the possibilities of changing the tax mix.

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