The working paper  “La pandémie de COVID-19 et ses effets sur les finances publiques du gouvernement du Québec 2020-2035,” co-written by CREEi chair co-holders, Raquel Fonseca and Pierre-Carl Michaud, with co-authors Bertrand Achou, Yann Décarie and Julien Navaux, is published Monday, October 26.

The paper presents the addition of COVID-19 scenarios to the SimFin and SimGen calculators (documentation in French). It also presents different scenarios of the impact of the pandemic on the trajectory of public finances in Quebec as well as different avenues for recovery and fiscal sustainability.

Read the full paper: cahier_20_06_pandemie_covid_19_effets_finances_publiques_quebec_2020_2035

Also available as a CIRANO project report: